~ Our prices are the best in the business ~

Mountain Flower Botanicals is a bulk product producer; we will sell our high-quality, always-consistent product to re-sellers by the case in 30-millimeter glass bottles with dropper-tops and sanitary shrink-wrap sealing sleeves - ready for your labels.
Our products are expertly formulated of the highest quality and sold by the 100 count case. Our prices compete with the lowest in the industry.

You can start with our basic products - tinctures, salves, honey - and then build a full line with your customization. 

Each bottle is stamped on the bottom with the Tincture Batch Number and the expiration date. Our bulk-sales products come with full and complete Certificates of Analysis from accredited laboratories which attest to their purity, safety, and potency.

Talk to us! Submit a note and we can send you our pricing sheet for white label purchases.